Travel Tips To Kigali

Just like any travel to a new destination, first time travelers to Kigali should know certain essential tips for their safety and enjoyable stay in Kigali. Regardless of small size of Kigali city, the highest population of people in Rwanda lives in the city. Businesses, markets, traffic of both people and vehicles are all in Kigali city. We therefore bring you tips on how to ensure your wellbeing and the safety of your property while in Kigali. These include among others:

Road conditions and traffic safety
Travel tips to kigali
Unlike other cities, the traffic movement in Kigali is on right hand side of the road, which at times become confusing to most people used to drive on the left. You are also reminded to follow traffic circles and lights at a speed of 40km/hr. to ensure safety. This obviously increases your time of driving but was apprehended the government to minimize road accidents hence ensuring safety. You are reminded that over speeding, careless driving, and overtaking calls for your arrest against the law. You must have your driving permit.

Do not move at night
Where as you may move at night and nothing harmful happens, it’s not recommended. Its risky moving at night since your bags can be robbed in dark corners or even get lost in the city. Similarly some robbers travel at night using cars in form of public transport, which make travelling at night surely not safe.

Public transport
Travel tips to kigali
This is the most used means of transport in Kigali. Buses, matatus, coasters, motorcycles are all available for transporting people to different destinations. Before boarding, you are reminded to bargain and tell your actual stop center since costs of travel depend on the distance to be covered and one’s bargaining power. Its possible for people travelling the same distance to pay different money depending on how one is capable of bargaining.

Do not carry large sums of money
Though you are required to carry some hard money with you, you are cautioned not to carry large sums of money, which call for other people’s attention mostly in public for example in a taxi. Large amounts of money can be tempting to robbers, which may turn out to be risky for you.

Be careful whom you ask for direction
If you are not sure about which way to go, be careful when asking for directions. You off course come across many people but you should not inquire from any one. You are reminded to at least look out for a public structure like the police post to avoid interacting with wrong people.

Carry Rwandan francs
Travel tips in kigali
Rwandan franc is the national currency for Rwanda. To ease transactions in shopping, transport, tipping and buying any essentials in Rwanda, you are required to carry Rwanda francs. Other currencies lie US Dollars are used but may not be accepted by taxi drivers, shopkeepers and other small transactions.