Rwanda's popular Town

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July 6, 2016
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Museums in Rwanda
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Rwanda’s popular Town

Known as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is one of the east African countries and I the smallest compared to other countries, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, among others, it is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa – increasing steadily to 400 inhabitants per square kilometer and the population is predominantly young, with 42.3 % of all Rwandans under the age of 15. Rwanda is one of Africa’s most rapidly urbanizing countries, with a population base of 12 million, a high population growth rate of 4.48 percent and a high rate of urban growth estimated at 5.1 percent per annum and total urbanization rate of15% of the total population. In addition, it is projected the population of Rwanda will grow to 27 million in 2040.rwanda has many interesting cities all under the Kigali capital city administered by local governments and relevant town council authorities as explained below:

Kigali capital city
Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda located at Rwanda’s geographical hart and is also country’s most important business center and main point of entry, the capital city has the sufficient international airport which connect to the neighboring countries of Uganda, Tanzania and democratic republic of Congo. In addition, the city has high quality hotel and accommodation facilities, which sleeping and food services that match the international standards, has well developed roads that ease transportation within the city and the reads are very clean that they cannot be compared with other cities in other countries. The capital city Kigali has many attractions to visitors such as the atmospheric Muslim quarter of Nyamirambo next to the city center is well worth a visit, and one can also explore the network of leafy avenues that wind out of the town center into the surrounding residential suburbs. The upscale neighborhoods of Nyarutarama and Gacuriro offer stunning views of Kigali’s numerous hills as well as the pristine Nyarutarama Golf Course and are believed to be the safest city in Kigali.

Formerly known as Butare, the city is located in the southern province of Rwanda and was the formal colonial capital of Rwanda, the city is of great importance since is has the national university of Rwanda, the north gate university of Rwanda, Nyakabande seminary, the Rwandan national institute of scientific research and the large Christian cathedral. It hosts Butare stadium and is regarded as a city of universities.

Butare also has the national museum of Rwanda that was built in the early 1990s, which is a good information on the cultural history of the country and the region, concerning transport, the city is served by Butare airport and other road networks connecting to different areas within and outside the city.

The city is the town of Gicumbi district located in the Northern Province of Rwanda and is located 60 kilometers from Kigali. The city has several attractions such as the Kageyo hills, Kamemeno hills, Kita island, Kishanju lake, Mabayayo, lie shango, Ngerenke hill and Marais Cyongo wetland located within 24 km from byumba district. Transport is good and the city is connected to Kigali capita of Rwanda by a tarmac road.

This city is in the western province of Rwanda located in Rubavu district across the border in the democratic republic of Congo featuring a resort on the shores of lake kivu with sandy beaches hence known a site for water sports, the center of Gisenyi lies by the foot hills at the northeast corner I of the lake and has escaped the lava flows of both the 1977 and 2002 eruptions which destroyed between 15 sand 40% of the formers. The only brewery in Rwanda that manufactures various local beers and a range of coca cola branded drinks, the city borders barrier and the grand barrier which is not the case in other countries, travellers to Rwanda should not miss out this.

The city is located in the northern province of Rwanda, it is divided into different sectors which include among others Busogo, Cyuve, Gacaca, Gashaki, Gataraga, Kimonyi, Kinigi, Muhoza, Muko, Musanze, Nkotsi, Nyange, Remera, Rwaza and Shigiro. The city is the most mountainous in Rwanda having the largest part of the volcanoes national perk home for mountain gorilla safaris, more still, out of the eight volcanoes of the virunga chain, the city has five which are Karisimbi, Visoke, Sabyinyo, Gahinga and Muhabura, the rare mountain gorillas in Rwanda are found within this city in the volcanoes national park. Travellers therefore should not miss out visiting the city that will provide them with a memorable experience.

The city has about 14 sectors including: Kigabiro, Muyumbu, Nyakariro, Karenge, Nzige, Gahengeri, Mwurire, Rubona, Gishari, Munyiginya, Muhazi, Gishari, Mushutu and Munyaga. Five leading commercial centres with modern market and central services in commercial industries are Rwamagana center, Karenge center, Nyagasambu center, and Rubona center. The coffee washing station in this district includes RWACOF at Karenge, which is approximately 50 km from Kigali on the read leading east towards

The holy place of kibeho is located in the south of Rwanda , which became known because of reported apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Christ occurring between 1981 and 1989. Kibeho city is in Nyaruguru District visited on yearly basis by large numbers of Christians both Rwandans and foreigners, the holy place is visited by over five hundred thousand (500,000) people on yearly basis and therefore religious tourists should not miss out visiting this city whenever they visit Rwanda.

This city is located about 100 kilometers from Kigali along the main road to Tanzania divided into two parts one on the main road itself and another along a small spur. The town is located near Kibungu, Birenga, Kazo and Colline Kazo. It consist of attractions such as Bunagwa hill, Bureng mountain, Butenga hill, Gafunzo, wetland, lake lac Hago, and Rusomo waterfall among others, concerning education, it consist of the campus of unatek, the university of agriculture, technology and education all located in the city, travelers should therefore not miss out enjoying these attractions whenever they travel to Rwanda.

In conclusion, Rwanda has several cities that are unique and have interesting features and attraction both natural and man-made facilitating and support facilities such as hotels , lodge and reads all which travelers should not miss out whenever they travel to Rwanda.

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