Cultural Tours

A tour in Kigali city comes along with a visit to various cultural sites in Kigali to ensure a wonderful experience. The authenticity of Rwanda traditional culture is among the things that make Rwanda a unique tourism destination worth visiting. To introduce travelers to Rwandan culture and traditional beliefs, various cultural centers have been established in all parts of Kigali and Rwanda in general. On your day trip to Kigali, you will visit various cultural centers, which among others include:
Murugo Cultural House/Center
Kigali cultural tours
It’s roughly 5 kilometer from the city center to Murugo cultural house the oldest cultural center in Kigali. The cultural house is also known as an oasis in Kigali, which provide travelers with first hand information concerning Rwanda’s traditional culture and beliefs. Also, traditional tools such as drums, sticks, animal hides, stools and weapons are all displayed to travelers. Travelers to this center are neither allowed to smoke nor to bring pets. Similarly, Children aged 2 years and below are not allowed inside. Interestingly, there is a room for accommodation with 4 beds each for 1 person meaning that a maximum of four people can access their accommodation at the center. Other amenities such as wireless Internet, parking yard and breakfast are all available for travelers. The site is close to other tourism centers such as the Kigali genocide memorial center and shopping centers which all make your tour enjoyable.

Niyo cultural center
Kigali cultural tours
This center was established purposely to improve the livelihoods of the local street children. The center was founded by a Rwandan citizen named Pacifique who once experienced a stressful street life that changed him into a loving and caring person with a mission of helping those in poverty. Various skills such as drumming, dancing, and painting from which local people earn a living hence improved standards of living. Donations by travelers also help to support these young children.

Ishyo arts center
Situated in kimihurura at the international school of Kigali, the ishyo arts is a Centre for arts and craft making in Kigali and Rwanda in general. All travelers including the art lovers, cultural professionals and entrepreneurs and all cultural lovers visit the site for training and observations and purchasing of crafts. More still, a lot of training in literature, theatre, music, dance and poetry are all taught at the cultural center.

Ibyiwacu cultural village
Kigali cultural tours
Though situated outside Kigali city, iby’iwacu cultural village is a not miss while in Rwanda. A visit to the cultural village give travelers a chance to meet local people and experience their traditional way of living. A Kinyarwanda dance is a traditional way of welcoming travelers to the community. While there, travelers interact with local people and take part in activities such as cooking local foods, sewing, baby seating, visiting traditional healers, attending local banana brewery process, pottery, craft making, local foot ball matches, and story telling among others which ensure memorable experiences. Travelers are required not to give empty bottles to children, respect local etiquette, respect privacy and follow the guidelines provided by cultural leader to ensure memorable experiences.

Nyamirambo women’s group
This is a women’s group based in Kigali in which women use their hands to make various products earning them income. The major reason for the formation for the women’s group was to empower women through capacity development and employment along with women and community based tourism.
Kigali cultural tours
Various activities such as sewing, computer skills, handicrafts, and women accessories are made on daily basis. Products made are sold to travelers and women in the group share profits, which has improved their standards of living. The group started with 18 members but the group has increased to roughly 50 women, which indicate the positive performance of the group.

Conclusively therefore, take part in Kigali’s cultural tour and get to know much about Rwanda traditional cultural and beliefs.